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About BlueMoon Embroidery

BlueMoon Embroidery is based in Malta, a very small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. BlueMoon is a family business, the digitizer is the mum, the main marketing consultant is her son aged 10, and the creative director is her other son aged 8. Since most of their time is taken by creating, digitizing and testing out designs they have a full time housekeeper...yes the dad.


   In the Hoop embroidery designs and cute appliques. For those who are addicted to machine embroidery and other pretty things.

Reading Pillows

ITH Mug Rugs

Free Standing Lace



If you have any questions, special requests, problems or feedback contact us using this form below.

Since BlueMoon Embroidery is based in Malta, Europe, we might be on different time zones and it might take a few hours for us to wake up and reply to you.

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